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We power product brands that want to shift towards circular business models. Our services help unlock new streams of revenue and drive customer value from extended product lifecycles.
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A shift into circular commerce means redefining your business. It requires you to jump into a blue ocean. There are different ways to grow customer value from extended product lifecycles, Register - Rent - Repair - Resell - Recycle. Implementing a Digital Product ID can activate this latent potential.

Once you define the right customer experience, your customers will reward you with new revenue streams. This transition takes courage, a deep focus on your customer's needs and a new operating model. We've boiled that all down in to a 3-step accelerator for brands ready to make change.
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Subspot helps reimagine your product brand and grow long-term sustainable value from it.

Digital Product IDs

We pioneer the design and implementation of digital product passports. 


Circular Commerce

We specialize in design, launch, and growth of circular business models. 

Rent, Repair, Resell, Recycle

Future proof your team

Redefining your business means redefining your team. We prepare teams and people for a circular and digital future. 

Think Big, Start Small

"Subspot played a leading role in the successful delivery of the project end-to-end. From conceptual design towards the go-live of a minimum viable product, all within a short timeline and  in partnership with global cross functional teams."

Dick Mooijman, General Manager EMEA

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Innovation requires collaboration. Meet some of the teams we've worked with.

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What is recurring commerce?
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What is a  product-service system?
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How do I transition from product to service?
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What tools and technology will I need?
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Can this help us become circular?
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Why should I start a recurring model?
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What is recurring commerce?

A recurring commerce strategy develops products and marketing systems that enable repeat transactions. Unlike one-off sales, recurring commerce creates ongoing relationships with your customers. Because customers feel they receive continued value from your brand, they reward you accordingly.  

Common business model examples are subscriptions or memberships.

What is a product-service system?

A business model that combines physical product(s) and intangible service(s) into a unified experience for the user. Common examples are leasing services, rental models or subscription boxes.

How do I transition from product to service?

Start with a vision.

Start simple.

Iterate and then scale.

Services are all about user experience. To build a great service on top of your product, we apply a ‘service design’ methodology. Find the clear customer need, launch a first version and scale into a value driver.

What tools and technology will I need?

Recurring commerce can come with complicated IT and organisational demands.Delivering a great recurring customer experience will likely imply changes to your ecommerce, payments, CRM and fulfillment infrastructure. There are many IT  solutions in the market.

We're technology agnostic and can build the right solution for your situation.

Can this help us become circular?

Yes! We believe that a shift to recurring commerce aligns incentives for businesses, consumers and the planet. As a result, circular practices are baked-in to the business model rather than bolted on as an after thought.

Why should I start a recurring model?

This is the future.

Your customers are looking for real solutions to their problems..

No longer for ownership or the latest product specsYour business needs stable cash flows and direct access to the user. Our Planet needs circular value chains and products that are designed to keep delivering value to their user.

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I'm Robert van Boesschoten, founder and CEO of Subspot. If you've got any questions, feedback or thoughts I'd love to talk more. Drop me a message below and we'll grab a coffee.
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