Our purpose

We Serve The Innovators

A move to sustainable commerce requires cross-functional innovation to succeed. We help the innovators in companies of all sizes drive change toward sustainable growth.

Meet the team

We're a team of service designers, UX specialists, CRM experts and digital creatives with over 30 years of combined experience.
Katrin Marx
Growth Lead
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Robert van Boesschoten
CEO, Founder
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Our story

Made in Amsterdam

It was 2016 and Robert had an itch. He saw brands shifting towards direct-to-customer relationships and frictionless experiences. This shift meant opportunity. For brands it was a chance to reimagine their business model, produce sustainable products and serve customers like never before.

Some brands did it well. Some struggled. And worst, some decided not to try. Robert wanted to help them do it better.

So he founded Subspot.

Subspot exists to help brands transition towards sustainable growth. We do that by focusing on relationships instead of transactions. It's called recurring commerce.

Today we're a team of service designers, UX specialists, CRM experts and digital creatives with over 30 years of combined experience. We've worked across telecoms, consumer electronics, mobility and IoT. And now we bring that unique set of skills, technology and experiences to your brand.
The Mission

Build the circular economy

We’re here to make, launch and grow the circular economy. By bundling products, software and services into unified customer experiences, we build the business models of tomorrow. Recurring value for users, business and our planet.
  • We serve the planet by designing circular systems
  • We grow businesses by unlocking new categories and customer segments
  • We add value to customer’s lives by providing unified experiences
We help answer this question

How does a business connect the dots between transactions and relationships?

Most product brands are built for one-off sales and linear value chains. These situations can be compared to red oceans - they rely on traditional models and 'business as usual'.

A shift into recurring commerce means redefining your business and making the jump into a blue ocean.

This transition takes courage, a deep focus on your customer's needs and a new operating model. We've boiled that all down in to a 3-step accelerator for brands ready to make change.
How we work

Let's talk about it

I'm Robert van Boesschoten, founder and CEO of Subspot. If you've got any questions, feedback or thoughts I'd love to talk more. Drop me a message below and we'll grab a coffee.
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