Digital Product Passports

Empowering circularity through digital product ID
Twings is a technology platform for Digital Product Passports.

The key underlying insight is the fact that consumers find it very hard to extend the life of the products they own. We actually want to make out things lasts longer, but most product brands make it very hard to do so.. we lack the right product information and have no easy access to lifetime extending services, such as re-pair, re-sell or re-cycle.

So, we need to change durable products into circular assets. Assets that are traced and optimized for longevity across their lifetime.

Twings is a digital wallet for valuable products. It creates a unique and real-time digital passport of the products you own. From there, it provides easy access to circular services, such as re-pair, re-sell and re-cycle. Private by design, so you are in full control of your data and messaging.

This project is currently in development. We are actively looking for technology partners and product brands to drive this exciting project.

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